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In Tune With Lauren Aquilina

Today, we're sitting down with song-writing talent Lauren Aquilina to learn all about her creative mojo, what to expect at her upcoming show at Komedia Studio on the 27th September, which song is held nearest and dearest to her heart and more!

We can’t wait for your show at Komedia! Can you please share any exciting details about your upcoming performance?

Likewise! I’m going back to playing acoustically, just me and piano, which I’m excited about. The set list is made up from songs that I’ve released over the past 10 years, as well as songs I’ve helped create for other artists too. So it’ll be a special, unique show that I haven’t really done before.

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What's the story behind your favourite song you've ever written, and why does it hold a special place in your heart?

I think ‘Latest Ghost’ from my most recent EP is my favorite just because I feel like it’s the closest I’ve ever got to creating something that’s a true expression of both my musical taste and my lyricism. Most of my other songs make me cringe when I listen to them after a couple of years, but for now (lol), I still love that one.

Can you share a moment where everything clicked for you as a musician, and how did it shape your work moving forward?

When I was making my album, one of the first songs I made was ‘Ocean’. I remember I couldn’t stop listening to the demo on repeat because it felt like the first time I’d found the sound of the production world I wanted to be in. Dreamy, atmospheric vocal pads, vocoders, and big electric basses have all been a core part of my sound as an artist since then.

How do you handle creative blocks or moments when you're feeling uninspired? Any rituals or techniques you'd like to share with fellow musicians who might face similar challenges?

I’ve dealt with a lot of blocks and burnout over the years so by this point, my first step is always just to accept it and try not to beat myself up for it. ‘Creative people need time to sit around and do nothing’ is a very true statement I think, especially now that we’re all glued to screens all the time. Going for a walk without headphones on, or even just sitting in silence, writing out however I feel in the moment and not expecting it to be poetic or artsy - those things usually help me find ideas again.

How do you maintain authenticity and stay true to yourself as an artist? Any advice for aspiring musicians?

In the beginning of my career, I got so stuck on trying to make the same thing over and over again because I knew that was what people liked. I try not to do that anymore, and follow whatever I’m feeling most passionate about or inspired by in the moment. Collaboration and pushing yourself into new territory can strangely be so helpful in helping you find what makes you ‘you’ so I would definitely recommend that to any aspiring musicians. Write songs with your friends, experiment with genres you haven’t tried before, and write the song you need or want to hear on the radio! I don’t think you can go wrong with that as your aim :)

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