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Today, we are taking a look at some of the latest music from artists we love, as well as looking at reviews and hearing opinions from listeners, newspapers, magazines etc. You can find links to the music videos at the bottom of this article so that you can go and listen for yourselves and tell us your opinions! If you like what you hear, take a look at our socials or our website where you’ll be able to find tickets for all of the artists we mention and hear the songs live!

“Good Boy” by ARXX

Prior to their success at this year’s Glastonbury festival, Brighton duo ARXX released their latest single which included the incredibly danceable “Good Boy”, rapidly catching the attention of local music lovers. The track has now gained over 40,000 Spotify downloads. Combining elements of dance, rock and alt-pop, the duo described “Good Boy” as “a little bit saucy, a little bit cheeky and a lot of fun”, and we completely agree! This song packs energy, power, pride and passion, and in the lead-up to their upcoming tour of Europe and the UK, this is one we cannot wait to hear live! ARXX will be performing at the Concorde 2 on Brighton Seafront on the 23rd of November, where you will hear this incredible new track, as well as loads of other great music from the duo, live!

“En Forma” by Hinds

Spanish duo Hinds have sold out around 500 global shows, collaborated with brands such as Chanel and supported bands such as Coldplay and The Strokes on tour. Their latest single includes a collaboration with the American singer-songwriter Beck called “Boom Boom Back”, one of their most downloaded songs to date with close to 2 million downloads on Spotify, as well as “Coffee” which has close to 1 million. However, the third song that this single includes seems to have gone greatly underappreciated. “En Forma”, translating to “Fit” in English, which is the duo’s first release sung entirely in Spanish, is an incredible example a great indie record, with driving rhythm guitar and punchy drumming, creating a lively and explosive atmosphere to the song. It is perfect for getting a crowd going, which the duo will be proving on the 17th of February next year at the Concorde 2.

“Big Swimmer” by King Hannah

Liverpool based duo recently released their latest album “Bigger Swimmer” which features a record with the same title. Described as “graceful... deep and affecting” by PopMatters magazine and “mesmerising” by AllMusic, the track displays the band’s great ability to captivate and amaze their listeners and produce pristine music. This five-and-a-half-minute song enthrals and entertains throughout, which can be said for all songs on the album. The band will be visiting Brighton’s Green Door Store on the 2nd of September, where you can expect to hear a lot of this album’s great material.

“Release Myself” by Bess Atwell

Bess Atwell, who is well known for openly speaking about struggles with mental health and panic disorder, has recently released her latest album “Light Sleeper” which truly gives her listeners a wonderful apprehension of emotion, thoughts and wellbeing. The entire album presents an overwhelming yet inspirational view of Atwell’s strength and perseverance through her time with mental health issues. In particular, the second song on the album which is titled “Release Myself” has caught the attention of us and many others, likely due to the way it displays Atwell’s passion and stability through the difficult time she experienced in such a moving way. The lyrics of the song are incredibly touching, and paired with the flawless instrumental, give this song its charm and rare ability to enforce such strong emotion upon its listener. We cannot wait to hear this live at the Concorde 2 when Atwell headlines there on the 18th of October.

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