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  • Komedia Studio, Brighton

British composer Barry Adamson began his musical career as a member of the avant-garde pop band Magazine and honed his skills playing piano and guitar for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds before realizing that his true musical calling stood beyond the rock and roll genre. Drawn to and inspired by the cinema early in life, Adamson left the confines of pop music to pursue a solo career writing evocative, jazzy tracks and scores.

Adamson decided to follow the path of film composers like John Barry, Ennio Morricone, and Bernard Herrmann, whose work had intrigued him since childhood. His first full-length album, 1989's Moss Side Story, was a tour de force, blending post-punk, industrial, spy guitar, and various classic movie composer quotes into a seamless 54-minute soundtrack to an ominous film noir that didn't exist. This recording led to Adamson's work on soundtracks for actual films in the early '90s, including Delusion, Gas Food Lodging, and Shuttle Cock.