Brogeal 5


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  • The Prince Albert, Brighton

Melting together indie rock and traditional celtic folk, Brògeal are a Falkirk-based five piece who are set for a break-out year in 2024. Forming in Falkirk out of the ashes of high school bands, Brògeal came together over their love of Scottish and Irish folk music, punk and garage rock, adding banjo and mandolin to electric guitars, finding their own unique voice on the way. The last twelve months has seen the band emerge as one of the best live bands in the UK, touring with the likes of The Mary Wallopers, Spector and The Lathums.

“My grandparents used to tell me stories about the ancient days, when the clans ran Scotland and there were wars every other week - new friends, new enemies and all that carry on. There was a group of mercenaries with no permanent homes and no wives. They only followed the money, be it through fighting, labouring or stealing. But during the winters when it was too cold to be outside they had to find other forms of income and shelter, so they’d go from town to town and play music for food,” says Aidan. “And drink!” Daniel interjects. “Aye. And they called themselves the Brògeal.”