• Patterns, Brighton

Alt-pop agitator girli describes her upcoming album ‘Matriarchy’ as her most "reflective" and "vulnerable" body of work yet. “I chose to use it as the album title because that word means so many things to me. The matriarchy of being a queer woman in love with another, the matriarchy of being my own queen who governs my life (or queendom), and a commentary on taking back power" says the musician also known as Milly Toomey. This personal growth has coincided with an evolution in how girli approaches her artistry. When she broke through seven years ago with edgy electro gems like 'Girls Get Angry Too', she relished being combative. "Initially I was pissed off about a lot of things and I just wanted to get them out," she says. "But now, writing songs is like therapy for me – it's about processing things I've gone through and how they shaped me as a person."