Sold Out
  • Concorde 2, Brighton


This show has been rescheduled to the 20th of October, as GZA had been forced to postpone his show at Concorde 2 due to travel restrictions between the USA and UK.

GZA, aka the Genius, was the most cerebral MC in the Wu-Tang Clan, as well as perhaps the most acclaimed. His cool, precise flow and intricate, literate rhymes weren't as theatrical as Method Man or Ol' Dirty Bastard, the two biggest commercial stars to spring from the collective. But among hip-hop aficionados, GZA was revered for his flawless technique and lyrical dexterity and was considered by many to be the best pure rapper in the entire Clan.

His second solo album, Liquid Swords, was released in 1995 and was hailed as a hip-hop classic thanks to its coolly understated menace. During this show at the Concorde 2, GZA will be performing his celebrated Liquid Swords album in full.


Tickets for this show are now SOLD OUT.