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  • Concorde 2, Brighton

Hinds, the dynamic indie rock band from Spain, returns with their fourth album, VIVA HINDS. Known for their infectious onstage personalities and knack for writing catchy hooks, Hinds has always embraced a DIY ethos. Formed by best friends Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote, the band quickly gained a following with their debut album Leave Me Alone in 2016, followed by I Don’t Run in 2018. Over the years, they have toured internationally, gracing stages at Glastonbury, Coachella, and Fuji Rock, and opening for major acts like The Strokes and Coldplay.

VIVA HINDS is a testament to the band's resilience and growth. Emerging from a period of personal and professional upheaval, including lineup changes and the challenges of the pandemic, Cosials and Perrote poured their experiences into their most accomplished album yet. Collaborating with producer Pete Robertson and engineer Tom Roach, the album captures raw emotions and showcases their unbreakable bond and musical evolution. With influences ranging from the Moldy Peaches to Courtney Barnett, VIVA HINDS is a celebration of friendship, creativity, and enduring optimism.