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  • Komedia Studio, Brighton

Even at HONEYMOAN’s very first jam in their native Cape Town, it was clear they had a rare creative spark. By the end of day one they had already produced two ready - made bangers – the bracing guitar - driven rush of ‘</3’, and the slick down-tempo earworm ‘W e’ – that were only a taste of what was to come. That spark has now been fanned into an intense flame. HONEYMOAN, consisting of frontwoman Alison Rachel, multi - instrumentalist Skye McInnes who she’s known since their teenage years, and producer Josh Berry. Now based in London, HONEYMOAN’s journey to this assured point has been turbulent, seeing the trio operate at times with members scattered across different continents, and maintaining momentum through the coronavirus pandemic, but whatever has come their way they’ve never lost that sense of creative freedom that was there from the start. “We’ve always managed to maintain that energy of playing for fun,” Alison says