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An indie pop band whose music is moody and introspective but still full of danceable rhythms and savvy electronic accents, Honeymoan broke out of Cape Town, South Africa's music scene to gain an international foundation. Vocalist Alison Rachel's less-than-satisfying romantic relationships form the basis for most of her songs, while the cool yet aggressive rhythms created by bassist and producer Josh Berry push the melodies forward, and guitarist Skye MacInnes brings both tunefulness and dissonant textures to the tracks. Honeymoan worked out the formula of their mix of indie pop, alternative rock, and smart R&B beats on early EPs like 2019's Body and 2020's Weirdo, and they added greater muscle and sonic adventure on their first full-length, 2023's Sorry Like You Mean It.

Honeymoan was formed in Cape Town in 2017 by Alison Rachel and Skye MacInnes, two friends who had very little practical musical experience but had grown up in households where music was a major part of their lives. They started writing songs strictly for fun, and working in their friend Josh Berry's home studio, they turned their primitive tunes into surprisingly effective tracks. Before 2017 was out, Honeymoan had issued their debut single, "Communion Records, and the group added drummer Kenan Tatt to the lineup. After the release of another EP, Palace, in 2021, most of the members of Honeymoan relocated to England to take advantage of their growing popularity there, and they took on more live work as they stockpiled new songs. The group's first full album, the clever and emotionally unguarded Sorry Like You Mean It, arrived in September 2023. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi