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Kathryn Joseph

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  • Komedia, Brighton

Scottish singer/songwriter Kathryn Joseph isn’t afraid to embrace the tribulation that she has endured throughout her life.

Joseph began playing the piano at the age of 11, but she hated it. A few years later she started to play again and began writing, which sparked a long road to a full-time career in music. When she was 23, a friend of Joseph's wrote to a number of record labels championing her music, and eventually, she was offered a deal, which she turned down - she felt she was too young and ill-equipped to manage the situation.

It was a tragic event that eventually sparked her music career. Joseph became pregnant with a baby son, but he was born premature and died within a week of birth. She cited the event as giving her the impetus to begin making music in earnest, and following her son's death, she took his name as her own surname, becoming Kathryn Joseph.

With soft keys and welling synth, she creates an intense, intimate and incredibly moving atmosphere with her melancholic and heavily emotional music. Joseph is lyrically visceral, painting stark, somewhat unsettling imagery with her words, but does so gently, adding to the unique aura that she emits.


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