Kid kapichi press


  • Concorde 2, Brighton

Emerging “power punk” sensations Kid Kapichi don’t do things by halves. Today, they announce news of their new single, a brand new album and a UK tour!

The band are set to elate us all once again with their nod to the ‘90s with new single ‘Tamagotchi’. Already chosen by BBC Radio 1 as their Hottest Record, ‘Tamagotchi’ sees the Kapichi lads in peak jocular form with a buoyant and playful ode to those coming of age.

“‘Tamagotchi’ is a song about turning 30 and feeling for the first time like your life is running away from you.” says frontman Jack Wilson. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself being more nostalgic about the past and the ‘good times’. This song is a homage to those times and fond memories whilst stubbornly clawing onto them.”