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  • The Green Door Store, Brighton

This is a rescheduled date of the show originally set to take place 16th April. All tickets remain valid for this rescheduled event.

Originating in Brighton but with roots in Birmingham and Bristol, Kudu Blue take inspiration from the kind of groups that sit in the liminal space between the club and the sitting room; the end of the night over-looking the city and the taxi-ride to the venue. Think: Massive Attack, Portishead, 90s/00s dance music, with a poppy, groovy edge.

Coming off the back of this year’s ‘Auras’ EP, Kudu Blue are preparing to release their next batch of songs – a collection of tracks that group together in an EP called ‘Healthy’. “We chose to name the EP that because it’s a contrast to the sound of a lot of the tracks. You wouldn’t describe them as a healthy sound, some feel a bit edgier and darker – so we wanted that contrast,” explains Clem.

Tom continues: “We thought it an interesting juxtaposition between what you hear in the title and what you hear in the songs and that it would imply some underlying, sinister, dystopian feel.”