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  • Komedia, Brighton

Growing up in the Netherlands and raised by a beautiful queen, Josje, Kymara was taught the importance of talking about and expressing her feelings. This upbringing is incredibly present in Kymara’s music, particularly heard in her honest lyricism.

Music has always been a major part of her life, but in her mid-20s she found her unique voice through songwriting. It was there that she was able to draw from her own life experiences and put them into her music with themes of love, race and personal growth. Her music is a beautiful combination of Nina Simone's storytelling, D'Angelo's soulfulness and the purity and rawness of Janis Joplin.

Since discovering her individual artistry only two and half years ago, Kymara has released four singles, each with its own successes. With many gigs lined up and releasing her debut EP New Road, 2022 is the year where the world can hear Kymara’s emotional conversations, and connect with her as a complete artist and songwriter.

Kymmie Vibes present a special evening with:
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14+ (under 16s accompanied)