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  • Patterns, Brighton

LA Priest, aka Sam Eastgate, today announces his ocean-inspired, wobbly-pop filled third album, Fase Luna – due for release May 5th via Domino. Following 2020’s GENE, named after a modular drum machine that Sam designed using 150 electrical circuits he’d built himself, Fase Luna strips things back to little more than Sam and his guitar: nine sunshine-streaked tracks of pure bliss.

Alongside the announce today, the first taster from the album arrives in the form of the funked-up love song, “It’s You”. An instant LA Priest classic, it sticks in the mind of the listener long after the final closing notes.

It’s about a guy who falls in love with a sea mermaid or water spirit and has to choose between life on the land or the ocean,” explains Sam. “Some of it sounds like he's on the edge of madness