LEAD SHOT Hanging Album


  • Concorde 2, Brighton

Enigmatic singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Marika Hackman unveils details of her fourth studio album ‘Big Sigh’, releasing 12th January via Chrysalis Records. ‘Big Sigh’ - the “hardest record” Marika has ever made - is, as its title suggests, a release of sorts. It is an edifying blend of sadness, stress and lust, but mostly - and crucially - that of relief.

Marika has also shared her potent new single ‘Hanging’, a track that processes the end of a relationship in a delicate, dissociative daze, until its engulfing ending in a crash of banshee wails and grunge guitars. ‘Hanging’ epitomises the forthcoming album’s opposing themes: the contrast of loud-quiet, the rub of industrial and pastoral, and the innocence of childhood versus the gnarly realities of adulthood. Marika offers the following on the single, Hanging is reflecting on a difficult past relationship and how you can trap yourself in a situation where you’re unable to grow into the next stage of your life. The line ‘yeah you were a part of me, i'm so relieved it hurts’ is describing how painful it still is to break up even if it's not right.”