• St Georges Church, Brighton

Orlando Thomas Penhale Weeks is an English singer/songwriter and former frontman of the indie-rock band The Maccabees. After studying illustration at Brighton University, Weeks spent a decade with The Maccabees before their disbandment in 2016. Following this, he authored his first book, The Gritterman, which was published on September 7th, 2017, along with a soundtrack album.

Weeks' debut solo album, A Quickening, delves into the emotions and expectations of impending parenthood, capturing a deeply personal yet universally relatable experience. As the world faced the COVID pandemic, Weeks found solace and distraction in his creative process, leading to his follow-up album, Hop Up. The album, co-produced by Bullion, embraces a warm and imaginative approach to leftfield pop, featuring natural instrumentation and buoyant themes.

Weeks' forthcoming album, written in London and Lisbon, began recording in January 2023 at Chale Abbey Studios with producer Sergio Maschetzko and co-producer/engineer David Granshaw. Additional production and mixing were provided by Nathan Jenkins (Bullion). The lead single, 'Dig', featuring Rhian Teasdale (Wet Leg), showcases the album's blend of collaboration and introspection, with contributions from artists like Katy J Pearson, Tony Njoku, and Alejandro Aranda (Scary Pool Party).

A love letter to his new home, the album Loja explores both fantastical elements and stark realism, reflecting Weeks' experiences in his new home. Tracks like 'Best Night' and 'Beautiful Place' highlight the album's themes of romanticizing the present and reevaluating the past, making it a poignant addition to Weeks' evolving musical journey.