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Pongo *NEW DATE*

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  • Patterns, Brighton

This event has been rescheduled from 5th December. All tickets for the new date in December remain valid.


In the energy she gives on stage, or when she talks about her songs, Pongo always refers to her childhood in Angola. She systematically returns to this little girl from Luanda who protects herself from adult war thanks to music and dance, in her own little world. A sweet vertigo.

Exiled to Lisbon, she will put aside chaos to keep the scents, the colors, the memories of this childhood. Especially the sounds, the vibrations and the melodies of her native Africa, as a girl who danced Kizomba and Semba long before she could walk.

It was therefore in Europe that she grew up, where she built her project: Making music, singing her songs, playing them on stage, meeting people to share joy and pleasure again.

Her path has often been difficult, disappointing, rejecting, pounding. This is what made her a strong, determined and above all a free woman.

Her voice, powerful, rhythmic, but also fragile and sensitive, leads into a bewitching universe, on the borders of dance and saudade. Where no one had taken us before.