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  • Patterns, Brighton

Pongo embodies the renewal of Kuduro, mixing her African, Langan & Zairian roots with EDM, bass music, dancehall & melodic pop. Her powerful, rhythmic, but equally fragile & sensitive voice draws us into her world, on the borders of dance & saudade, where no one has taken us before.

The artist's songs are largely about overcoming the struggles she has endured as a young African woman trying to make it in Portugal's music scene. The Angolan-Portuguese singer pays tribute to the late Congolese feminist chanteuse M’Pongo Love with her choice of name and is lauded for her energetic performance and songwriting technique. Pongo's most recent album, Sakidila, was released only a few months ago to critical acclaim, with audiences captivated by her personal lyricism and interestingly varied sonic output.


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