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  • Concorde 2, Brighton

Since her debut headline show at London’s Camden Assembly in August 2022, RØRY has been taking the UK alternative scene by storm.

Racking up over twenty million streams on Spotify in an impressively short amount of time, tickets to her first UK headline tour sold out within their first week in early 2023 - but her story began long before she took to those stages.

First embarking on a career as a solo artist under her birth name - Roxanne Emery - over a decade ago, after the passing of her mother, Emery found herself battling addiction. The beginning of a long, difficult journey that led to her writing dance hits, working with huge names in London’s pop industry, and becoming a platinum-selling songwriter whilst enduring some of her darkest moments - at 34 years old, Emery walked into her first AA meeting.

Combining her first and last name, Roxanne Emery became RØRY - cutting out the middle portion of her name to represent time lost to addiction and mental health struggles. Now five years sober and ready to rally against the forces of major label capitalism and ageism, she’s proving that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

“Throughout my songwriting career I was constantly told that my lyrics were too dark, and that they needed to be more fun. That made me believe that I wasn’t any good, so I began trying to force myself to be happier,” RØRY explains.