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RJ Thompson

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  • Komedia Studio,

Born and raised in the North East, RJ Thompson’s indie-pop sensibilities and love of all things analogue see his artistry break the mould of the stereotypical modern-day singer-songwriter. Growing up in a small village in Co. Durham, RJ spent his childhood yearning for the bright lights of a big city and learning the fundamentals of as many instruments as he could get his hands on.

Those early years of learning his craft would prove invaluable, eventually leading to his recent success performing in some of the world’s most famous venues. The musician is known for his brand of soulful, '80s inspired, radio-friendly pop rock - with an underpinning of English folk. In the past, Thompson has toured with the likes of The Proclaimers and Jools Holland, performing in large venues such as the Royal Albert Hall.


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