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  • The White Rock, Hastings

The Bootleg Beatles in Concert 2024-25

(Celebrating the music of The Fab Four on Film)

Sixty years ago the Beatles debut feature-length film A Hard Day's Night became a huge critical and commercial success, even being nominated for two Academy Awards. The following year in 1965 their second film Help!, this one in colour, received similar glowing plaudits. The group was hailed as a modern-day Marx Brothers and their director, Dick Lester, credited with 'fathering' the MTV pop video culture that was to come.

So what better time to celebrate the songs not just from the soundtracks of these two iconic motion pictures, but from all five in their catalogue. Featuring hits from A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow submarine and Let it Be, The Bootleg Beatles will take you on a whistle stop trip through the celluloid career of the Fab Four.

It's all there, the costumes, the hairstyles, the banter and the gear. It's not the Beatles..... but you simply won't believe it!

'Less a Tribute, more a reincarnation' - The Daily Telegraph.

'Entirely Convincing' - The Times.