The Lathums

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  • Chalk, Brighton

Hailing from Wigan, The Lathums are a jangly, lyrical indie quartet have a sound that nods to Arctic Monkeys, The Ramones and the Smiths. They formed in early 2019 while still in their teens and within a year, the Lathums had signed with Island Records, which issued their full-length debut 'How Beautiful Life Can Be'.

Singer/songwriter and guitarist Alex Moore, lead guitarist Scott Concepcion, bassist Johnny Cunliffe, and drummer Ryan Durrans all met at The Music College in the local district of Pemberton, after their tutor placed them in the same project group. Moore's honest vocal delivery was a good match for Concepcion's organic Rickenbacker flourishes, and there was soon evident mileage in the group outside of their studies.

Moore simply believes in ‘making positive changes'. He writes about his digitised generation and reflects on young Britain turning its back on materialism and vacuity. The band is swelled with self-assured positivity and their dreams that an audience would one day identify with their movement to make positive changes are poetically penned into their songs.

Support from Shes In Parties & The Dream Machine


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