Alex Lahey

In Tune With Alex Lahey

We sat down with the talented Alex Lahey who opens up about her latest projects, musical influences, and the anticipation of playing in Brighton! Her new album 'The Answer Is Always Yes' is out now and describes how she finds comfort in the discomfort, whether it’s revealing in absurdity or turning towards exploration. Get tickets to see Alex lahey live on Oct 10th - Hope & Ruin!

Loving the new album! How did you feel releasing ‘The Answer Is Always Yes’?

Thank you very much! It felt really satisfying to finally have the record out after working on it for so long. It was something like a three year process from starting the recording to releasing it. Now it feels like a really lovely memento from that era of my life and it’s really special to be playing the songs live.

This is a tough question but if you had to choose a favourite lyric from the new album what would it be and why?

“Love never leaves you in the black” from You’ll Never Get Your Money Back

Is there anyone or anything inspiring you musically at the moment?

I’m late to the party, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Pinegrove lately. They inspire me because they forge their own sonic path and have kind of bypassed the conventional mechanisms of the music industry but have still found an enormously loyal and loving audience.

Your Like A Version cover of Cass Elliot’s ‘make your own kind of music’ was great! What made you choose this song?

That song has kind of been a bit of a constant in my life over the years - showing itself at various times through various means. I went to the movies and before the film started they rolled a trailer for Barbie and when this song featured in it I thought “oh that would actually be a sick song to cover”. And here we are.

And finally, we’re excited to have you next month! Is there anything in particular that you look forward to playing in Brighton?

Despite having been to Brighton before for The Great Escape, we’ve never actually done our own headline show there, so this will be the first official Alex Lahey show ever seen in Brighton. It’s such a beautiful town and I’m so excited to come through for a visit, let alone play a shit hot gig.

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