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In Tune With Kid Kapichi

Today, we're sitting down with local lads Kid Kapichi to hear all about their love for Brighton shows ahead of a two night stint at Concorde 2 this 28th and 29th March. 29th March has already sold out! Get tickets here for Thursday 28th March.

What makes performing in your hometown of Brighton particularly special for you as a band?

Well technically Hastings is our hometown and we’d be exiled if we didn’t make that clear. But we’ve always considered Brighton to be a step father type figure. The one that always gets you 1 too many pints and says ‘don’t tell ya mum’.

How does the energy and vibe of a Brighton crowd compare to audiences in other cities you've played in?

Brighton has an amazing vibe. We love it. Whenever we’re by the sea we feel at home. There is something in the air that just gives people a sort of relaxed freedom to do whatever they want. Brighton is up there with the best crowds if not the best. Brighton, Hastings, London & Bristol all have a similarly mental vibe.

Are there any special surprises or exclusive elements you have planned for your upcoming Brighton show that fans can look forward to?

We’ll have some friends show up for sure to join us. Always fun to bring new people onto the stage.

How has the local music scene in Brighton influenced your sound and performance style over the years?

Everyone knows the music scene in Brighton is fierce. Some of the bands and artists this city has produced are undeniable. There is a great punk scene in the south and Brighton is the hub of that. We’ve learnt a lot about how to perform on stage from sharing it with them. Tigercub. Monakis. Snayx. Yonaka. Casseyette. To name but a few.

Can you share any memorable anecdotes or experiences from past gigs in Brighton that have stuck with you?

Naked pyramid. Say no more.


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