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In Tune With Maple Glider

Maple Glider, also known as Tori Zietsch, is an emerging musical artist making waves in the indie folk genre. With her debut album, "To Enjoy is the Only Thing," released in 2021, Maple Glider has quickly gained recognition for her captivating melodies and introspective songwriting. Join us in conversation with Maple Glider as we discuss the excitement of touring in the UK for the first time as well as exploring her artistic journey.

Her new album 'I Get Into Trouble' will be released on October 13th! Talking about the album, she shares "this collection of songs has really forced me into my depths and at times it hurt like crazy. But here we are, another album finished, a lot yet to share, and I am proud and honoured."

We’re excited for you to start your first ever UK / EU tour! What are you most looking forward to during your UK stretch? Get tickets for Brighton here.

I’m actually really looking forward to seeing friends! I lived in Brighton briefly a few years ago and I haven’t seen the people I met there since. So hopefully they show, haha. Also they’ll be my first ever international shows so I’ll be a whole toilet bowl of pee-full excitement and energy.

Music is at the heart of Brighton. Are you expecting anything in particular from your audience here?

I saw quite a few shows when I was in Brighton amongst some really respectful audiences. It was so nice how gentle and engaged people were, so I guess I’m envisioning a similar energy. Couple of sways would be nice. I think the only show I saw at Green Door Store was Chris Cohen. It was a cozy crowd and a lovely night. I think the coronas were cheap?

We’re interested to know, do you have any pre-show rituals that you stick to?

If I’m touring alone I’ll usually take a minute in the bathroom to take a few breaths, awkwardly hum, and then I’ll walk out and try to smile or talk to somebody to keep my cool and chill the f out.

If you had to choose, what lyric do you love most from your new single ‘Don’t Kiss Me’?

Probably just ‘definitely don’t kiss me’ because it’s adamant and self assured and that’s exactly how everyone should be able to feel in regards to having control over and owning their own bodies.

And finally, could you give us a glimpse into your creative process when creating new music?

It’s a journey of flowing into a feeling and allowing myself to be absorbed entirely by that. No phones unless you’re pressing record baby.

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