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In Tune with Kymara

Brighton's music scene is abuzz with anticipation for Kymara's upcoming live performance at Patterns. With her unique blend of mesmerising melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and captivating stage presence, Kymara has emerged as a rising star in the music world. We had the privilege of catching up with Kymara to learn about her musical inspirations, what audiences can expect from her live shows, and how Brighton differs from the rest.

With your connection to Brighton, how does it feel to perform here compared to anywhere else?

It just feels like home. The people here have seen us perform live for the first time and many of them have been to most of our shows so they've seen us grow… feels like we're on this journey together!!

How would you describe your own musical style, and which artists have influenced you?

I would describe our style as a mixture of all the genres we enjoy (and they're many). It started all very soulful (which I still love and will always stay a big part of our sound) but lately i've been listening more to Pink Floyd, The Beatles (their Abbey Road album) and Lenny Kravitz.

Could you share the inspiration behind your recent single 'No Matter What They Say'? (Out Now!)

I've also been listening a lot to Fela Kuti, Kokoroko and Burna Boy, with NMWTS. I wanted to use those sounds/artists as an influence but give it our own touch. Lyrically it's about the long distance relationship that I'm in, he lives in the Netherlands and I live in the UK. We've been doing that for the last 7 years. It's not always easy but we make it work…no matter what they say!

You bring a great energy to your performances! How do you prepare for a show?

Thank you!!! We rehearse twice a week and after every show i'm like… okay what can we do next.

Are there any artists or musicians that you're eager to work with?

I would loooove to work with Brittany Howard.

What feeling do you hope listeners will take away from your live shows?

That it connects with something, whatever they going through!

Can you give us any hints about what to expect at Patterns on June 23rd?

We're playing a lot of new tunes!


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